Mission Statement

"The Silicon Valley Cancer Foundation is established for the purpose of supporting cancer research as well as providing resources for, and education about, cancer.

We provide information about solutions including cancer prevention, and are most focused on supporting new methods of cancer detection and treatment that are non-invasive and non-harmful. Early detection and intervention are both key.

We are dedicated to help decrease the growing epidemic of cancer Worldwide."

The Silicon Valley Cancer Foundation strives to provide information, conduct research, and assist with health concerns. Our special interest is early and noninvasive breast cancer recognition, research for therapy, and breast cancer prevention.

Our programs include our Women's Breast Wellness Program at womenshealthorganization.org (currently under construction) and Diabetes Wellness Program at diabeteshealthinstitute.org

Our mission is to empower every cancer patient, regardless of their ability to pay, with the ability to research their disease and to find, organize and manage their own cancer support network. The goal of these support networks is to assist the patient in conserving needed energy by reducing the burden associated with their own daily trials and tribulations. We strive to convert this saved energy into a higher level of patient activity and a stronger determination to fight.

This philosophy also allows the patient’s friends and family to feel empowered. Knowing that their activities and volunteer efforts will directly and positively impact their patient’s quality of life and chances of survival will help eliminate and transform that universal sense of helplessness into a position of strength and confidence.

Foundation Goals & Objectives

The vision that drives our goals is the belief that the network has the potential to directly and positively affect the lives of millions of cancer patients and indirectly affect the millions of friends and family that care about them.

Our Goals:

1. Develop the largest cancer specific Body of Knowledge (BOK) of qualitative and quantitative research;

2. Provide researchers access to our anonymous patient information diaries to find new anomalies and to promote the research of new drugs and therapies;

3. Become the recognized leader and primary source for cancer patients who wish to research and organize their resources;

4. Obtain a collection of testimonials from patients and their support networks who have used our resources to beat this disease;

5. Leverage patient success stories to educate people about the importance of prevention and behavior modification in fighting cancer;

6. Encourage volunteers to improve our system by allowing them to create open source applications;

7. Encourage ideas and input regarding how to improve our system.

Unlocking Cancer Wisdom

Every single person who has ever gone through any experience with cancer, as a patient or as an advocate, has valuable insight that can help someone else who is going through a cancer experience. Wisdom captured from these individuals can be made available to anyone and everyone who needs it.

About the Silicon Valley Cancer Foundation

Our Foundation provides general information about cancer, its incidence according to gender, type of cancer, information about cancer prevention, and any known causes. We can also provide information about where cancer is being treated.

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